TeKay Designs bridal gowns at FIAT Connecting Fashion Worlds


PRLog (Press Release) – October 29, 2013 – HOUSTON — TeKay Designs showcased regal looks and headpieces inspired by historical queens and women of power throughout history at FIAT Connecting Fashion Worlds – The EDGE show.  The event was held on September 28, 2013 in the Hotel Indigo (5160 Hildalgo St, Houston TX 77056). The runway sparkled with models wearing couture gowns and jewelry representing historical Egyptian monarchs Queen Cleopatra and Isis, Queen of Sheba, Indian Queen Mumtaz Mahal, etc.

“Queen Of The Brides” is a limited edition collection that features couture bridal gowns complete with statement headpieces and necklaces representative of a distinct time. The “Queen of the Brides” collection offers premiere wedding gowns that personifies royalty and includes quality jewelry, veils or headpieces. The inspiration for the Queen Of the Brides collection are historical fashion icons from ancient civilizations of Egypt, India, Ghana and South Africa.

According to Creative Director, Kimma Wreh, “We extend our thanks and appreciation to Connecting Fashion Worlds for providing the opportunity to showcase at the prestigious fashion show.  The collection includes several one of a kind jewelry pieces such as the Cleopatra headpiece and necklace. We are pleased with the positive response from the audience at the event.”

The significance of Queen Of The Brides collection is that each gown is named after a queen or woman of historical relevance and power. We researched and designed a complete look for each fashion icon that includes the gown, headpiece or veil, necklace (for strapless gowns), bracelet or armlet, and the footwear.

The gowns and jewelry in the collection encompass Egyptian, Grecian, Victorian, Vintage, Indian and African influences. Gold and silver colors are prevalent in the Queen Of The Brides collection as there is a meaning to the colors. Gold, both the color and object, symbolizes power, elegance, luxury and quality, wealth and prosperity. The color silver is often seen as glamorous, distinguished, and energetic.

The highlights of the collection are gowns with gold or silver embroidery, beaded lace, fabrics embellished with crystals and rhinestones, detachable trains, statement headpieces and crystal necklaces.

TeKay Designs is a renowned international fashion house that offers custom designs and ready-to-wear ethnic and modern bridal, formal, casual maternity and fashion jewelry. TeKay Designs features handcrafted pieces that appeal to those who appreciate elegance with a contemporary twist. TeKay Designs is most noted for providing unique ethnic wear and contemporary pieces for customers in the U.S.A and international customers.

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Queen Of The Brides offers high-end historical bridal and formal gowns that include quality pieces of jewelry representative from the same time period. The initial Queen Of The Brides collection features gowns and jewelry representing ancient queens and women of royalty and power from various countries the world including Egypt, India, South Africa, and England.

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Queen Of The Brides

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